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Can’t do your homework? Fine!

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One of My newest slaves;  sissy slut, is currently in enforced chastity. Why? Because he failed to complete all his homework.

Part of it was to drink his own cum out of a condom. But he contacted Me to say “he’d chickened out.” Not an option as far as I’m concerned. Still he was made to do it. And he did, despite complaining of feeling sick afterwards. Is that My problem? I think not!

So, because of his “chickening out”, he has been fined, which he promised to pay last Friday. So far, nada.

Tonight he was made to punish himself on cam for Me. He still has the fine to pay. And will not be touching himself until he does.

Slave J

Posted in Online Domination with tags , , , , , , , , on February 24, 2010 by mistresscristal

Slave J is My new slave who completed his first homework assignment yesterday. He has completed it very well, for his first time and as a result, has been rewarded with masturbation.

He has admitted to not enjoying drinking his own cum, which I suspected would be the case! That’s why he was given that assignment. Some enjoy it, others don’t. I generally find it’s the sissies who enjoy it the most. But, he has requested that he doesn’t have to do it again. Of course, that request will be considered – as long as he behaves himself of course!

Here is his homework diary for you to read:

1 i was quite looking forward to carrying out Your instructions but also fearing several aspects in particular. The first task was one of these. i undressed so that i stood completely naked and looked down reluctantly at the area of hair i had to shave off. i have heard that this can cause a lot of discomfort and itchiness so was not looking forward to it. Nevertheless, i knew failure to comply might lead to worse treatment.

i coated the sensitive area in shaving foam and used a fresh razor to work inwards towards the most delicate parts. The process took over half an hour and it was only the first of 11 tasks! By the end i saw the unfamiliar sight of my bare genitals. Some areas of skin were already sore from careless razor strokes.

2 i took a couple of elastic bands to twist around my balls and base of my cock. The resulting bind was quite tight and my cock was already erect at the thought of serving my Mistress.

3 Next i winced as the clothespegs were attached to my balls. It was excruciating, not least because the skin was drawn so tightly by the elastic bands. And i knew the pain could only get worse.

4 Two more pegs went on my nipples – already sore from 30 minutes mistreatment on Sunday evening.

5 Now i got down on to all fours, into a position where i could photograph my pathetic submissive actions. i proceeded to slap each cheek of my bottom 25 times. Even by halfway they were red and raw and i wanted to stop, but knew i must continue to the end. By the end both my palms and cheeks were sore.

6&7 These tasks i perhaps feared the most as they involved slapping my genitals WHILE they were pegged. Firstly, my balls. The pegs clattered and stung as i slapped and the pain grew more intense. Next i slapped my cock, again 12 times, and watched as it recoiled and then swung back. It hurt, but at least it was not as painful as my balls now were.

8 Now i took a tube of lube and squeezed some onto my fingers. I rubbed the entrance to my anus before taking a breath and pushing my fingers in, first one and then another. With my eyes on the clock, i obediently thrust them in and out for the whole two minutes. By now i was very turned on and my cock had grown very hard. As my body moved with the motion of the self-fucking, my balls and the pegs at my nipples swung painfully.

10 i withdrew my fingers and washed them. i took an empty glass and drew it over my hard cock. With gentle back and forth motion i masturbated against the inside of the glass. It wasn’t long until i was on the brink of orgasm. i imagined my Mistress being present as i came, laughing at me in my sorry, pain-ridden state. Once all my ejaculate was collected in the glass, i hesitantly raised it to my lips and downed it in one go. It tasted quite disgusting, salty but not as warm as i had imagined. it made me gag but i forced myself to swallow it all, every last humiliating drop. i beg that that is not something you will make me do again soon Mistress. Perhaps if i serve You well You will not see fit to punish me again in that way.

11 With relief i reached the end of this session and was able to carefully remove the pegs and bands. They hurt terribly as they were taken off, i had to stifle my moans of pain.

Hopefully, you will see my obedience in my picture and my account. i can also say that the daily punishment of my nipples is exciting and yet by 15 minutes in i am wishing i could plead for them to be released. Additionally, you will be pleased that since i shaved my self my genital area has been easily irritated and occasionally itchy and so i have suffered with that as well despite frequent use of creams to sooth the skin.

i look forward to Your judgement on my homework and hope You do not require to punish me too harshly for any shortcomings. Thank You for my first lesson in slavery to You Mistress, i was powerless to resist Your will.

Your emasculated slave,

slave j

Water Fetish

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The beauty of my line of work is that I never stop learning, especially when it comes to fetishes.

There are a range of many different fetishes out there, some of them very common; some of them more obscure to say the least. But each one is different and the list is endless.

Last night, I encountered a water fetish. This should not be confused with watersports, where the kinkster is turned on by urine. Water fetish is when the kinkster enjoys getting wet or seeing others get wet, with good old-fashioned water.

In this particular case, he enjoyed seeing me dive into a swimming pool. So, we discussed his fantasy in more detail. I talked about making him strip naked and tying him to a chair at the shallow end of the pool. Then, I slowly peeled off my bathing suit, to stand there completely naked. He could look, but he couldn’t touch.

I took my position at the deep end of the pool; body straight, hands and fingers closed and pointed, and executed the perfect dive into the pool, the minimal of splash as I sliced into the cool water.

Re-surfacing, I described how my wet hair would trickle tiny droplets down my back, and I would shake my head to spray those droplets at him.

For a “water fetish novice”, I think I did pretty well at ensuring I described the water and the dive in detail, especially when you consider the fact that I’m not a strong swimmer at all!

Amazing how the imagination works, isn’t it?

Taming the Untamed.

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Slave G can’t get enough of my heels. He loves to hear them clomping on the floor as I slowly walk around him. It drives him wild every time and he always admits that his cock has a mind of it’s own and that it gets hard with each one of my steps.

Of course, I don’t allow him to get hard without my express permission. A cock that does that is a selfish and untamed cock and I simply don’t tolerate it.

So, my spikey heels soon become the objects of his suffering as they find their way onto his helmet, squashing his disgusting cock against the floor. And if that doesn’t work, one of my heels is shoved up his arse, for him to lick clean afterwards.

Brutality and degradation are the ONLY ways to tame a brattish cock. It quickly learns who is in control and it’s not the person it’s attached to!

Slave M suffers for his betrayal!

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Slave M bit off quite a bit more than he could chew in a recent visit to a real-time Mistress.

Mistress Katya enjoys playing on the dark side and will push your limits. And slave M found this to his cause.  While he enjoyed the power of having such a strict Mistress in charge of him, there were elements he found to a little too much.

Like the way his balls were so constricted he felt sick and had stomach ache. Or the claustraphobia he experienced whilst in the vac bed.

One thing he did enjoy however, was the administration of poppers into a gas mask. He does like poppers, particularly if he’s about to take something large up his arse. Like a fist for example.

He did expect me to feel sorry for him, when he gave me an account of this session.  No way. He went into that session with his eyes open, and knew what he was getting himself into. Besides, it’ll teach him to serve another Mistress behind my back, won’t it?

Apologies for the lack of blogging!

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Dear Readers

You will have noticed it has been very quite on this blog of late. I have been ill with the dreaded cold as well as running around, trying to catch up with everything I’ve missed as a result of being ill! Talk about painting the forth road bridge!

Rest assured, there will be a new blog entry in the next few days. In meantime, I thank you for your continued support.

Mistress Cristal

Discretion advised: This will make your eyes water!

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Slave R has been seriously suffering for his wife’s pleasure recently. I think his wife is a woman after my own heart, as she is VERY inventive when it comes to torturing him and loves to get her friends involved. And why not? It only adds to his humiliation and I know he gets off on this.

Well, he tries to get off on it. He is now entering his sixth month of being caged. How many of you little worms could stand being in chastity for that long?

Anyway, for the first time in six months, Slave R’s cage was removed, prompting him to become very excited. Was this the moment he would finally get his release after so long? Nope. His Mistress made damn sure there would be no leakage and restrained his cock in used stockings. They were very tight, ensuring his balls where purple and swollen. He was also strapped down to the table, therefore completely helpless. He wasn’t gagged though. Mistress likes to hear him scream.

Firstly, his balls and cock were beaten with a carpet gripper, which tore at the delicate skin, before scouring pads were used on his shaft and helmet, adding to the ongoing torment.

Then it was a case of literally roasting his nuts. A candle was lit and hot wax  was poured all over his cock and balls and beaten off with a very severe riding crop, before the flame of the candle was drawn over his balls, hence the roasted nuts!

Poor Slave R was a very sorry sight at the end of this with cuts, bruises and no doubt scars all over his genatalia. And a final insult was when all three women pissed all over his sore cock, making it sting even more.

Slave R was very eager to tell me all about this in great detail and while I don’t practice extreme domination, I must admit, to admiring his wife for her methods. As I said, very inventive and it sounds as though these inventive methods have no problem in keeping her slave in check!