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Slave robbie

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Slave robbie is a newly acquired slave, fresh from femdom society.

Here is his latest homework diary:

monday 26th April 8.41pm i have just recieved my 1st homework assignment from Mistress Cristal thank you Mistress Cristal i have 5 days to complete nd return the homework so i decide i will start now firstly i have to shave all hair for my genitals so i go to the bathroom take the razor and shave it all off next i have to take a shoelace and tie my cock and balls so i tie them seperating my balls from eachother after 5 minutes my balls are very sore but i keep them tied for 10 minutes before i can take no more so i think for now i will stop my homework and continue tomorrow
Tuesday 27th
i am home from work now and i will do another task from my home work i attach 6 clothes pegs to my balls i keep them on for 10 minutes but my balls are really sore from yesterday but i last 10 minutes just and when i remove them it hurt badly
i am still sore so i will not do any homework tonigh
thursday 29th
i am home from work had a bath now to finnish my homework i have everything needed ready i have set the camera up put some plastic sheet on the bed i have some latex inspection gloves and some lube fisrt i squeeze my balls hard for 10 seconds then still squeezing them i twist them right hold for 10 seconds then left for 10 seconds then i pull down hard on my balls and hold for a furthere 10 secconds afterthat i slap the shaft of my cock hard 12 times then i slap my balls hard 12 times now for the bit i am not happy with but i know i must do it i lube up my ass and 2 fingers i finger fuck my ass for 10 minutes now i am finished boy am i sore last task to do is pee in a glass ten drink it so here goes cheers i hope i have done my homework now Mistress Cristal many thanks for giving me this homework i hope i have pleased you thank you again take care

slave robbie

The most important date of the year – MY BIRTHDAY.

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Very soon, I will be celebrating My 31st birthday, and I like to celebrate it being spoiled in the manner I deserve.

As your Mistress, I have kept you entertained with My musings and activities over the last 12 months. Now it’s your turn to thank Me properly.

I expect ALL My slaves, old and new to be exceptionally generous in their gratitude for My attention. I WILL NOT SETTLE FOR LESS.

This year, I will accept amazon gift vouchers to, cash gifts to My paypal account ( or surprises from My birthday wishlist, which is below.

Birthday Treats.

Sissy darla’s perky nipples.

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Sissy darla has been undergoing nipple training, to ensure her nipples are always perky and standing to My attention. She has been wearing her nipple clamps for 30 minutes each day.

It is clear to Me that sissy darla will do anything to please, and does delight in documenting her experiences for My attention, as she has done below:

with Your permission, i am expressing my feelings that apply to RULE #1 of my Slave Contract.
i would like also to inform You of my hard, perky and extremely sensitive progress of my nipples. after my discipline spanking, i removed my nipple clamps and felt this harsh feeling come over me, like a small wire grid was pressed up against my chest for about two minutes. after having my nipple clamps on for 30 minutes for two days, i have felt very submissive and feminine feelings again wondering what my sensitive nipples would feel like with a full round creamy breast surrounding each one of them. Mistress, i am expressing my gratitude to You for making me Your sissy girl and keep wondering how far i will progress? one day down my journey will i look at my sissy self in the mirror and almost fate with joy with real breasts developing due to the female hormones You require me to take….. to make my feminine transition complete?
Mistress, attached is a closeup of one of my senisitive perky nipples.
Thank You Mistress Cristal for Your well being over me.
Have a Wonderful Day.

sissy darla’s punishment.

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Sissy darla received her second piece of homework this week, and due to other commitments (I should be her priority first and foremost), dared to ask Me for an extension to her homework deadline.

This was granted, after much consideration by Myself, but she did of course, receive punishment for asking. You will note that while I may grant such privileges, you are expected to suffer for them as a result. Afterall, no pain, no gain!


when You first made me Your sissy slave to own, train, feminize, humiliate and discipline, i made the decision to make sure that i was fully shaved. it has been much work to keep my sissy skin soft and silky smooth, without razor stumble. i apply moisturizing lotion with additives like cocoa butter and extra virgin olive oil after i shower in the morning. i still need much work to my skin to make it soft, silky and creamy without bumpiness, irritation and a sense of scratchiness.
my sissy ass, along with the very top of my legs, just below my buttocks is very sensitive and seems to have the most problem with these symptoms. i did not realize that after 25 strokes on each buttocks using a typical hairbrush for a spanking discipline would result in broken skin with blood on my skin’s surface. the feeling of the pain was not dramatically physical as was mental, knowing that i will endure these actions to please my Dominant and Superior Mistress. discipline is required to keep me submissively and obedient. You, my Mistress knows exactly what are the best decisions to be made in my sissy training.
Mistress attached is my discipline spanking performed along with my butt plug inserted into my sissy pussy. Thank You Mistress Cristal for my spanking, i will allow the proper time needed to complete my homework as required by You.
Thank You Mistress Cristal

Playtime with Painwhore

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Painwhore has rectified his error of not sending his homework on time, despite ridiculous excuses that he was at work. I’m not interested in excuses or problems. They aren’t My problems at the end of the day!

But, because he begged so hard, I allowed him to have a play on cam with Me last night. There were conditions of course. He had to masturbate and cum in 3 minutes.

He managed it and came into a glass which he quickly drained afterwards. He loves the humiliation behind it. I have a feeling that his journey into further humiliation has only just begun!

Sissy Darla’s reward.

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Because sissy darla had completed her homework assignment so well, I permitted her to play with her clitty tonight as long as she cleaned up after herself.

As always, she has included an exceptional account of this experience, which I have included for you all to read:

MISTRESS CRISTAL  **curtsey**,

i am reporting to You, my Lovely Mistress about the reward i was given after completing my homework assignment. Your instructions in the e-mail were: Well done for completing your homework and also for completing a very detailed diary! You are now permitted to play with your clitty as a reward. However, you will drink your cum afterwards.”

i was so happy that i pleased You, i took it upon myself to take some pics showing You what a good sissy girl i want to become for You in my training. i dressed in a pair of red silky panties, red thigh-high stockings, a white lacy bra with the breast forms, and a dark blue lacy camisole. i applied black eyeliner around my eyes, brushed on a dark blue shade of eye shadow, and coated my face with a beige liquid makeup. Brushing on a red rose colored blush was when i knew that i am Your sissy, to please and serve You as a good girl who behaves for Her Mistress. While my lips were locked in a smiley reaction is when i outlined my lips with a pink shade, then applied a glossy red lip gloss.


To fulfill my sissy role, i knelt down, inserted my butt plug into my sissy pussy, and began to play with my clitty. Submissive and feminine feelings along with girlie thoughts were going through my mind as i felt my pussy completely full with pleasure. My clitty became aroused as i stroked it harder and faster keeping in mind that once i cum i will experience another joy of becoming a sissy girl. my legs were shaking, my knees were trembling, i stroked my clitty with a long sensation, feeling my creamy cum being released into the cup i placed in front of me. The joy of licking my sissy cum was rather humiliating at first, the taste was salty and somewhat bitter. i realized that Mistress Cristal gave me an instruction for me to complete, therefore i started to lick up the entire contents of the sissy cum and began to get a comfy feeling in my mouth as i swallowed it all down. Thank You Mistress Cristal for having me experience the taste of my sissy cum.



Introducing Sissy Darla

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Sissy Darla is my new sissy slave who is currently enjoying the transition into being girlie.  She has served a Mistress before, but that relationship ended. Now, she has become My sissy and completed her first homework task brilliantly. Here is her account:

MISTRESS CRISTAL  **curtsey**,
i am Your sissy girl property, i admire You and Your Superior Beauty.
i have become more submissive each day reading, learning and obeying the rules of the slave contract. most importantly, accepting You as my Mistress, to have You as Yours, to mold into a perfect sissy as i accept my obedient and submissive role.
i am a person that likes to be organized in a logical way. Although this might be somewhat strange to You, i will be reporting my homework in a descending order starting with item #7.
ITEM #7 (stated again)
I have gone to the bathroom about two to three times a day, passing the urinals and entering a stall, sitting down on the toilet, pulling my panties down, **NEW** to my knees, seeing the soft lacy or nylon material that traps my clitty into place, then urinating (peeing) like a good girl, then wiping my clitty with a few squares of tissue before tucking my clitty back into place inside my panties. my submissiveness and feminine attitude felt more overwhelming knowing i was behind closed doors in the bathroom stall, thinking that i will never use the standup urinals again like the men coming in and out of the bathroom.
i must always sit to pee from now as a good sissy girl for my Lovely and Dominant Mistress.
this task was done in the evening before going to bed
the feeling of inserting this butt plug into my sissy pussy the first night was uncomfortable in the beginning. i had to use ky jelly to lube it up so that it would slide in completely. i felt that like my rectum was going to explode since i have not had a plug in my sissy pussy for over five years ago. the second day was slightly better, once i learned to relax the muscles. it helped to warm the plug with warm water first before applying the ky jelly. by day 5, my pussy felt so comfortable and full for the hour session each day that i wanted to leave it in always. when i took it out. i could sense the feeling of not being full, along with finding myself wanting a larger one. Mistress, i must say that penetration is one of the most ultimate feminizing experiences.  
Mistress, thank You very much for this privilege of fucking my sissy pussy with my largest dildo. this task was completed on saturday evening after 6 one hour sessions of stretching my pussy with the butt plug. all dressed up in my red bra, panties, stockings, lacy garter belt, tight white cotton sweater, truly feeling feminine and obedient for my Lovely Mistress. i began by applying a small amount of KY jelly to the 1 1/2 inch diameter dildo. i began thinking of You standing over me telling me to fuck myself like a good sissy girl. i feel the tip of the dildo just up against my sissy pussy’s opening as i pull my panties to ine side. with the palm of my hand at the base of the dildo, i pushed and thrust it in. ohhhhh, the feeling of my pussy being fucked was getting my whole body tingly and excited. i knew then that i am now and forever Your sissy girl to train, humiliate, discipline and satisfy Your pleasurable desires with. as shown in my pic, the dildo shaft went in and out of my pussy harder and faster as my slight pain turned into pleasure, rocking my hips in unison. after 10 miutes of thrusting, i begged for my clitty to release my sissy cum. ‘please Mistress, may i cum like a good girl’, You knod with a Yes, as my sissy ass is spanked while squirting out a load of thick cum. Thank You Mistress, for allowing me to cum like a good sissy.
each day this assignment was done in the morning after my shower.
i put on my panties for the day, clamped each nipple for the required 15 minutes while drying my hair with a blow dryer, putting away my toiletries, and picking out the rest of my clothes. the most tense feeling i experienced when i would lean over to put the hair dryer back in the cabinet and the clamps attached to the chain would fall down almost to the floor. my nipples are so hard, perky and sensitive now. i once again squirm and feel my submissiveness during the day as the material of my shirt brushes against my sensitive nipples, wondering how it would feel to have full and creamy breasts surrounding my perky nipples.
(and so it says, from item #4 ending)
wearing the bra inserts (C cup) inside my bra made me feel just like the sissy girl with the bouncy and jiggly breasts, almost like the sissy slut wanted to come and play…… ready to please You, my Lovely Mistress with Your instruction to taunt the men with my voluptuous gift.
i have worn a bra, capturing my full breasts inside several times this week. on thursday evening i slipped on my maroon nightie with a pair of red panties and full breasts inside a white lacy bra, then read the contract rules again as Your sissy before falling into a submissive feminine dream for the night.
the last few items needed attention before saturday night’s personal fucking session was making up my face and lips as instructed by You.
my eyes brighlty glistened with cover girl’s exact eyelights eyeliner, followed by a dark blue eyeshadow. my lips were covered with a glossy cherry red lipstick that made my lips feel sexy along with being feminine. i also took a lip liner to outline the lipstick boundaries. at this point, i was starting to feelthat You are preparing me to be Your sissy slut forcing me to wrap a thick cock around my luscious lips. although, looking at myself in the mirror was a bit scary, since much work needs done to perfect my makeup application technique. 
as mentioned above, i dressed in a sexy red lingerie ensemble consisting of a red lacy bra, red nylon panties, a lacy red garter belt with attachable red stockings. i slipped into the 4 inch pink marabou heels that are shown in the pic. i have a nice tight sweater on that displays my proportionate breasts. the feeling of being dressed for You is purely a submissively feeling that wants me to please You obediently. Mistress, i can imagine You pacing around me while i stand before You, with my eyes to the ground. You inspect my panties, my firm breasts, and check to see how silky smooth my legs feel. 
Sissy darla has impressed Me so much, she will find herself in the Rewards and Recognitions section. She has also been awarded with pleasure. And I know I will be telling you lots more about her in the future!