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I love it when they beg!

Posted in Online Domination, Slave M with tags , , , , , , , , on May 3, 2009 by mistresscristal

Slave M called me last night to tell me how desperate he was to come. He hasn’t come for 4 weeks; firstly because he had been “too busy” to report to me, and secondly, I had also made it very clear to him that he was not to touch himself until our next session, which is Tuesday.

“You know the rules, slave,” I told him. “You don’t wank until I say so.” He continued to beg, giving me a fucking pathetic sob story about how he’s been working hard and had very little free time, which is why he couldn’t report to me for so long.

“That’s not my fucking problem,” I snarled. “I don’t want to hear your boring sob stories or your plays for sympathy, because you won’t get any from me!”

So, he did not get his request granted, neither did he get his other request granted, which was to sniff his poppers. They make his dick go soft temporarily, which would give him a slight bit of relief. But I want him in a constant state of arousal until our next session.

He may get to come then. And he might not. I haven’t decided yet. It’s rather fun to keep him frustrated, because I can wrap him around my little finger even more than I do already. As long as I keep that carrot dangling, and I can keep it dangling for as long as I like, he is practically hypnotised by my power.

Slave M’s punishment.

Posted in Online Domination, Slave M with tags , , , , , on April 30, 2009 by mistresscristal

Slave M has seriously displeased Mistress. Not only did he fail to report to me for well over a month, but he repeatedly failed to address me in the correct and respectful manner. Not only that, but he brought none of the required equipment to use on himself.

I was not at all pleased with his disobedience and made this very clear to him with the following punishment:

50 x hard spanks on the bare bottom without a safe word.

15 x hard slaps on the side of the penis without a safe word.

15 x hard slaps on the end of the penis without a safe word.

25 x hard slaps on the testicles without a safe word.

No masturbation for 3 weeks.

Because he hasn’t reported to me as often as he should, he has become lazy in his servitude and training, and I will not allow this to continue. So, in preparation for his next session, he is under strict instructions to do the follow:

  1. Shave his genitals and anal area.
  2. Fast for 8 hours and give himself an enema.
  3. Purchase a basic vibrator
  4. Purchase a small anal plug
  5. Wear said plug for one hour each day
  6. Purchase anal lubricant.

It’s about time that ass of his got some punishment, in order to drive the lesson home. I have left him in no doubt as to what will happen if he disobeys me again which is why, for his next session, he is instructed to also bring along some toothpase and cotton buds – I’ll let you know what I have made him do with them!