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Slave B returns

Posted in Online Domination, Slave B with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on July 22, 2009 by mistresscristal

Slave b has been on holiday and it would seem the rest and relaxation went to his memory.  Having not spoken to him for about 4 weeks, I asked him how many times he had come in that period. This of course, is to trip him up and to test his honesty, because he shouldn’t have come at all. He’s under strict orders not to touch himself unless urinating.

So you can imagine my annoyance when he confessed to having come a fortnight ago. He had therefore disobeyed my orders.

Now, I absolutely adore punishing Slave B, or rather having him punish himself under my instruction. He has what sounds like a very cute and smackable bottom. And as I haven’t had the pleasure of chastising him for so long, I simply couldn’t resist.

I made him spank himself hard 50 times on that perfect bottom. Then he received 30 with the strap, and a further 18 with the crop. Wonderful. Yes, he was moaning how sore he was afterwards, but of course I was enjoying myself far too much to care. Not that I would care anyway. He suffers purely for my enjoyment. He enjoys it too. That’s why he keeps coming back for more.

His cock and balls weren’t ignored either. 30 hard slaps to his balls and a further 60 to his cock. By this time, he was desperate. He may have had an orgasm 2 weeks ago, but he was desperate for that release now. He is a pain slut at heart, one of the most adoring attributes to a slave.

Next, it was time for his arse to have some practice. But not before that scarlett mouth had some fucking too. He sucked that dildo like it was an ice-lolly (popsicle), gagging and moaning like any professional whore. For somebody who’s only just discovered his slut-side, he’s a natural and will be ready for real cock meat in no time. Not that he is aware of that. That’s my little surprise for him.

But I think that tight little fuck-hole of his will take it so easily. It certainly takes the dildo easily and he squeals like such a dirty slut. He loves it when I allow him to wank his clit into his jerk jar at the same time. And he came pretty quickly – about 3 mins. Yes, he was desperate, but that is how I like him to be.

After downing the contents of his jerk jar, he was under instructions to remain caged for 4 weeks. He knows full well the consequences of disobeying those instructions, as he had an example of them last night. But it’s still a lot of fun!