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Sissy S – The Size Queen.

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Sissy S just loves big black cock!

He has admitted more than once to being a size queen. Every big, black cock has his name on it, and he will beg for it to be shoved up his dirtbox and down his slutty, wet throat.

Sissy S has been a very busy bitch over the Christmas and New Year period. He’s been out cruising for cock, dressing like a filthy little tart and getting just what he deserves; a good hard fucking and plenty of it!

His pride possession is his 10 inch black dildo; modelled on a real cock, complete with veins. On the rare occasions he’s not getting the real thing, he’s bouncing up and down on that dildo, fucking his dirty hole in the way he has long been accustomed to.

I suspect when he eventually gets to take “The Monster”, all his slutty dreams will finally come true!

Dirty Diana

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I had a great time with a sissy virgin Diana,  last night. She had a pretty vivid roleplay she wanted to act out with me, and I could see it was going to be a lot of fun.

She did confess to being a complete virgin, to which I couldn’t resist. If there’s an opportunity to deflower a sissy, you can bet your bottom dollar, I’ll take it.

So, we went through the scenario of her being a chambermaid in high class hotel and me being her boss. She had stolen a large some of money from a very important guest, and as compensation, was to receive a bare-bottomed caning in front of him.

She squealed all the way through those strokes, begging me to have mercy on her, to which I ignored. But to make up for the fuss she was making, the guest was invited to fuck her. First, pushing her to her knees and stuff his cock down her throat, before bending her over my desk and ramming her tight, virgin pussy.

Her finally humiliation came when she was instructed to wank her clit while he brought himself off in her face. So there she was, in the end, a face full of jizz and rubbing furiously at her little nubin.

I think what tipped her over the edge was the way I had planned for her to pay back all the money she had stolen. She’d stolen a thousand pounds, so that was a thousand fucks for that guest. And of course, his mates could join in!

Introducing Slave A

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I want to introduce you to Slave A, a new cuckhold of mine, who gets off on wearing his wife’s dirty panties and tights.

Rather than participate in sessions, he prefers to go through a fantasy with me, of being dressed up nice and girly, and watching his wife fuck other men.

He has to suck their dicks until they’re nice and hard and sit and watch while she gets it in all her holes.

Of course he has to prepare her arse with his tongue, and enjoys wearing bright pink lipstick, so he can kiss her arse, and make it look like another mouth. Then he helps these guys to feed their cocks up her.

After that, he sits and watches her take cock in all her holes and is only permitted to wank when I say so.

What really gets him going is if his wife saves a mouth load of cum and spits it in his face. He likes the idea of having his pretty make up ruined by a face load of spunk.

Slave A is coming along in leaps and bounds as a cuckhold and will soon be given a sissy name – a new rank which he admits is very important to him. He also knows full well what goes with that rank, and that his wife’s holes won’t be the only ones getting fucked!

Bella finally emerges.

Posted in Online Domination, sissy with tags , , , , , , , , on May 26, 2009 by mistresscristal

Slave B has undergone a name, and personality change, imposed of course, by myself, and will now be known as “Bella”. Such a pretty name for a sissy slut.

The time has come for him to be unveiled as a full sissy slut, and he has been dressing accordingly.

Today, in our session, he was wearing pink panties and bra, pink suspender belt and fishnet stockings. The little darling had painted his lips bright red and was wearing grey eye-shadow to complete his look.

I couldn’t resist, and instant, had him sucking my cock, moaning and gagging away like a whore. He does it so well, and after being told to perfect his “slut moan”, moans as well as a porn starlett.  This was further reinforced when he rode my cock whilst wanking his filthy slut clit. Of course, he slurped up every bit, and even played with his mouthful, letting it dribble over his scarlet lips and down his chin.

I think we can safely say, he’s  fully-fledged sissy whore now. Oh, I can’t wait to pimp him out – for free of course; his job now is to suck and fuck cock – as much as I desire him to. He doesn’t need to be paid. Being such a slut, the pleasure of pleasing cock en-mass will be payment enough for him!

Naughty Knickerless Lucy.

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Last night, Lucy was a very naughty sissy-bitch and not only had he been spending most of the evening wanking his sissy-clit, WITHOUT permission, but had also forgotten to put on his knickers.

“You’ve been flashing your cunt to all the boys,” I hissed. “You’ve been desperate for a good hard fucking up your little sissy-cunt, haven’t you?”

“Yes Mistress,” was his feeble little answer. I could just imagine him squirming away with frustration and humiliation. So cute!

“Not wearing any knickers is very naughty,” I scolded. “And you know what naughty girls get, don’t you Lucy?”

“Yes Mistress, they get a spanking,” was the reply in a barely audible whisper.

“That’s right,” I continued. “All naughty girls get a spanking, so over my lap you go!”

He was spanked very hard, for two long minutes on his bare bottom. They wobbled beautifully and he told me that by the time I’d finished they were hot and crimson.

Of course his sissy-clit was rock hard as a result, but there was no way I was goin to let him wank, in light of his dirty behaviour. He needs to learn to obey my rules. I’m confident he will. The threat of chastity for four weeks pressed the point home. A dirty bitch like Lucy couldn’t last for 4 days, let alone 4 weeks!

The Spit Roasted Slut.

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Davina is a dirty bitch and is always eaer and ready for cock. She regularly confesses to me that she dreams about cock on a daily basis while fucking a her sissy cunt with her vast collection of toys.

What she really needs is some real cock for a change, so I’ve made her visit some personal sites to find someone suitable. She’s under strict instructions to tell me all abou the lucky candidate and to take pictures of before, during and after, along with film footage of her sucking his cock.

I’m sure that sissy ass will get a good pounding too and the filthy little whore will no doubt be gagging for it! If she is successful in this little piece of homework, her next task will be to find two guys so she can have a much needed spit-roast session with them!

I’m confident the dirty sissy slut will be eager to please!


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I am currently holding a “Prettiest Sissy” competition via my main website and I require all sissyboys, cross-dressers and pantyboys to get involved.

To enter, I want you to dress up in your prettiest outfit, make up your face and decorate your hair. You can be as creative as you like and if you wish, even follow a theme of your choice. Perhaps you would like to be a delicate ballerina, an exotic mermaid or even a pretty milk maid. But above all, be creative and pretty, embracing and showcasing your feminine side.

Then, take a picture of yourself, all dressed up  and looking girly and send them to me. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. You can wear a mask, or blur your face using Photoshop or similar.

Send your pictures direct to my email address which is;

You have until 31st of May to send your pictures, so you have just over a month to get cracking.

After the closing date, my panel of judges (including fellow Mistresses), will pick the best three to go to vote and the winner will appear in my photo gallery both on here and my main site as recognition and reward of her effort, creativity and hard work.



If you have any questions about this competition, either email me directly or post your comments here!