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Queenie’s Diary Day One.

Posted in Queenie's Diary with tags , , , on December 9, 2009 by mistresscristal

Puppybitch has been given the far more appropriate name of Queenie. Along with this, he has a special diary section of this site to delight and entertain all my readers.


Dear Mistress,

As you requested, here is the diary of the way I executed your instructions.
I went to the pet shop. I bought a dog collar, leash and bowl. I also bought an anal plug. I went home, undressed completely and started shaving my genitals. When I had finished I took a picture of my shaved cock and balls to prove to you that I acted accordingly to your wishes.
I went on all four and started masturbating. I was barking while doing this. After 10 minutes I ejaculated in the bowl. I took a picture of the bowl.
I starded licking the bowl. I took a picture of myself with sperm on my lips. I ate up the remainder.
Thank you so much Mistress for allowing me to masturbate and to ejaculate. You are to kind.
I promise I wont touche myself till you allow me.
I hope you are satisfied with the way I obeyed to your orders. 
I respectfully kiss you feet.
Your faithfull dog.