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Misuse of Guestbook.

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Dear All


It would seem that some readers think it is quite alright to use my guestbook as a forum. It isn’t.

The guestbook is for you to leave comments about my site as well as ask me any questions you may have.





Thank you to the thief!

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Many thanks to the tea-leaf who decided to steal my purse during a night out on Sunday.

You know what they say about bad karma. I hope you bought yourself a dodgy pint with the money contained in the purse and you have spent the last few days, on the toilet, turning yourself inside out and shitting through the eye of a needle.

Bad karma…….

Michael Joseph Jackson 1958 -2009

Posted in Serious Issues. with tags , , on June 26, 2009 by mistresscristal
Michael Jackson - A true musical genius who died yesterday aged 50.

Michael Jackson - A true musical genius who died yesterday aged 50.

I am extremely saddened to hear of the sudden death of Michael Jackson. I myself, was a huge fan of his music in my teens, particularly Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad and Dangerous, and even though my taste in music changed over the years, my respect for Michael was always great.

Micheal truly was a unique individual, and despite the controversy which surrounded his private life, I firmly believe the Lord sent us a gift when he sent us this talented genius.

When I very first started getting into Michael’s music, back when the Bad Album was in the charts, I knew straight way, that this guy was something very special. The way he moved, his fantastic voice, sound business sense, the air of mystery he had about him, and the fact that he could have many people hanging on his every word.

When he talked about being able to “feel the music” and “let it tell you what to do,” I myself, saw what he meant. Yes, it is possible to feel the music, which is why Michael had his own unique style of dance – something which has made him an icon of our time.

I always regarded Michael as the Fred Astaire of our time with his nifty footwork. I have never really seen anybody who could move so perfectly as him. I used to love to watch his feet, but my eyes could never keep up. Damn, those feet were fast! But he was an angry dancer. He didn’t just listen to the music and move. He got very intimate with the music, and used it as a channel for emotions. It is this which made him the talented individual he was.

It is true that a lot of Michael’s life was shrouded in mystery and controversy, from the claims of him sleeping in an oxygen chamber, multitudes of cosmetic surgery and even the way he repeatedly grabbed his crotch in some of his moves, he did have a particular way of “using” publicity. For that reason, he was a very clever and shrewd businessman.

During the child abuse allegations, I felt deep down, that Michael was innocent. Michael always possessed a child-like innocence (simply because the poor guy never really experienced a real childhood), and so to him, having sleep overs with young boys, was a perfectly normal thing to do. Michael saw himself as a child and therefore surrounded himself with children. Sadly, the grown up world, rightly or wrongly considered this inappropriate behaviour for a man of his age.

But, it may have been inappropriate for others but it certainly wasn’t to him. That was the child like innocence, I found really quite endearing of Michael.

To say I’m very sad about his death is an understatement. Truth be told, I am devastated, and hearing his music and seeing his images on TV makes it very hard for me not to cry. But, I keep in mind that Michael is well again, he is trouble free and in a happier place (Michael, say hi to my Grandmother for me!)

Even though I never got to meet the guy, and to this day, I really wish I had have done, I almost feel as though I’ve lost a friend. That’s how deeply his death has affected me.

Like myself, Michael was a Buddhist for some time. I am still a Buddhist, and as a result, I have found myself chanting for him, his family and his children. I hope this will give them great strength at this difficult time, and my heart goes out to them.

Michael Jackson was a talent all on his own, and I very much doubt we will see something like it again. It is so sad to know that he was on the brink of what may well have been the tour to end all tours for him, and sadly, he never got to realise this. I do however feel, that posthumously, Michael will claw back the successful career he once enjoyed, and as a result, his children will be well cared for, and will live on his legacy.

Micheal, you were truly a musical genius, a talent to be reckoned with, a creature of mystery, a musical magician, and the most amazing showman we will ever see. May you dance with the angels, look down upon earth and see us dancing with you.

When God called you home, part of us went with you, and we will never forget the magic you brought into our lives.




A Friendly But Firm Warning.

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Ok, let me make this absolutely crystal clear, so there’s no confusion.

When you have a session with me, be it via this site or Adultwork, these sessions are on MY terms and My terms only.

That means, when you ask why I only offer one way cam, and I explain my reasons, you accept that. You do not continue to question me. Neither do you demand that you want to see me. You have the opportunity to see me in my photo gallery, so there’s no real excuse for your behaviour.

Such behaviour is disrespectful and I will not tolerate it on any level. I will warn you firmly, that you have overstepped the mark, and if you still continue, I CAN AND WILL END YOUR SESSION.

This was demonstated on a particularly disrespectful little turd this afternoon. His session was abruptly ended. He still hasn’t figured out why, despite me spelling it out to him. 

I simply will not waste my time with fucktards like that.

New Service Coming Soon…..possibly….

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At the moment, I am giving serious thought into offering bespoke recorded stories, to be sent by cd for you to listen to whenever you like, as much as you like.


You contact me with details of what you would like the story to be about, and the kind of things you would like included in story.

I write the story, record it, edit it for sound quality etc, burn it to CD and send it to you by first class post.

Stories will start from £10.00 plus postage and packaging, and will delivered to you within 28 days (or sooner!)


At the time of ordering your recorded story, you will be required to play a £5.00 deposit. This will deducted from the full price of the finished product. You must pay the full price on completion before I send the CD to you.

If you do not pay the full price, you will not receive the CD or your deposit!

So, what I need from you guys is an indication of whether or not you would be interested in this service. I have added a poll about this on my POLLS page, so you can cast your vote there.

Thanks in advance!

Mistress Cristal

Katie & Peter Andre – is it the end? I doubt it!

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Am I the only one who thinks the separation of Kate Price and Peter Andre is a little bit “fishy?”

I mean, he has a new album coming out soon and then this announcement. Hmmm……..

Having said that though, the rumour machine about their marriage has been going into overdrive lately. Rumour’s of Katie’s non-stop partying and Peter not being happy about it.

Now I do have a lot of respect for both parties; Katie in particular. She’s not the dumb page 3 girl some people take her for and I know in the past, she’s been treated like shit by blokes. (Dwight Yorke in particular – if ever a guy needed a good whipping, it’s him!)

Peter also strikes me as a very level-headed, sensitive, kind-hearted guy, who is just the sort of person Katie needs in her life.

But, I watched last week’s episode of Katie & Peter: Stateside, and at one point, Katie was absolutely vile to him. Yes, she was in a foul mood due to the presence of paparazzi (cockroaches if you ask me!), but there was some serious venom in her behaviour towards Pete. She was well out of order and Peter; who I consider to be a pretty easy-going guy, seemed rather on the edge of losing his temper. I really felt for him, as he didn’t deserve that.

But  also felt for Katie too. I think she has some seriously repressed anger trying to get out, anger due to her previous relationships, anger for the negative experiences she’s had in her life.  Its funny how anger comes out some times. We often take it out on the ones we love; who love us, because deep down, they will forgive us in the end.

Letting the anger come out is a good thing, but she needs to be careful she doesn’t bite the hand that feeds. She needs Pete, just like he needs her, and publicity stunt or not, my heart goes out to both of them.

Either way, I seriously doubt that the separation will be permanent. They both quite obviously are deeply in love with each other and I hope that not only for themselves; but for the sake of their children, they can work things out. It really would be a shame to see this lovely couple split for good.

A little word of advice though, Pete; next time Katie misbehaves, drag her across your lap for a sound spanking. A good smacked bottom, in my experience, quickly irons out any problems! 😉

Gender Confusion

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Recently, I have encountered questions and even rudeness about my gender, as a direct result of the fact that I am only able to offer one-way when conducting instant messenger sessions with slaves.

I wnt to make this absolutely clear here and now; the fact that I am only able to offer one way cam DOES NOT mean I am a dirty male tosser wanting to wank my tiny prick. Such accusations as this are extremely disrespectful and will NOT be tolerated on any level. Those who do accuse me of this will earn themselves a place in my HALL OF SHAME.

I offer one way-cam to protect my identity due to my day job.  I work with vulnerable adults and if I was to be recognised, I would almost certainly be fired – NOT that I should have to justify myself to any small-minded idiots.

If you do need to satisfy your curiosity, then you are welcome to view my Adult Work profile, which will show you pictures to prove my gender. Adult work allow genuine pictures only, so those who aren’t genuine have their accounts terminated immediately;

This should clear this up for you. However, if you are not intelligent enough to see I am the genuine article, then I strongly suggest you take your prejudices elsewhere.