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Diary from a new sissy.

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Diary; Tuesday
It is always very exciting to receive my homework from you Mistress and I was eager to complete some of you tasks. First of all were my punishments, I put the pegs on my nipples, surprising, but 30mins was a lot harder than 20 and I was really watching the clock by the end. My nipples feel a little bruised now. I then put my panties on and, pulling them up into my crack to expose my buttocks I first spanked each cheek as instructed, this stung a little, I then got my belt out and whipped them, this was a little more difficult to do, I found it hard to get a good strike, but by the end I could feel a glow from my buttocks. I am not really a pain slut, but if felt good to serve you in this way, to know that my pain might amuse you a little.
I then sat down and went to a porn video site and, as instructed, typed in ‘large cocks’, watching all these large cocks fuck women did make me feel like a sissy, partly through the very act of looking for large cock porn and partly from realising that it was not surprising that I have never really been able to satisfy girlfriends through penetrative sex, my cock is so small compare to these men who make women gasp. At four and half inches I am about half of those size of these guys, if that.
I had to do the nursery rhyme punishment once, but that was enough to dissuade me from erotic thoughts.
I allowed myself my only orgasm tonight as I was overwhelmed with my training and it was good to release the tension that has been building up since Thursday.
I decided to watch the porn tonight whilst carrying out my anal and oral treatment, this was the oddest of experiences, watching large cocks whilst tasting the condom in my mouth or finding myself thrusting in time with the videos. I also became aware of how many guys I would satisfy in this time, the average man taking just four minutes to reach orgasm, by the end of 20mins oral and 20min anal I could have satisfied eight men!. I was running low of clips I could find, so I decided to watch some of men fucking sissies, their was one video in particular I found myself watching a couple of times, in which, when the sissy was giving a large man oral satisfaction, his Mistress was carrying out CBT on his own manhood, this juxtaposition between giving pleasure whilst receiving pain seemed like the ultimate emasculation. Time to sing some nursery rhymes.
I was very tired last night so did not manage to write my diary, I just managed my bare minimum training before dropping off to sleep whilst watching my compulsory porn quoter.
Friday, well like last Friday I have arisen early as I have a full day, then tonight I will be staying at friends. I have watched some porn, as instructed, over breakfast, worn my pegs whilst showering and that is the end of this weeks sissy training.
I will try to get online tomorrow morning before I drive to devon to post this email and pay my tribute.
Thank you so much for being a firm but fair Mistress, I look forward to my light training next week, but secretly I am looking forward to making it up to you the week after with some harder training. You have introduced me to some new sensations and new pains / pleasures, for which I thank you.

Painwhore’s spunky knickers.

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Painwhore has proved to be quite the slut.  You can see why below:

it was homework time for Mistress and i was looking forward to homework as i had not been allowed to cum for Mistress since our play last weekend.

One small problem was I did not have an anal plug so mistress had suggested a handle of a brush. The only handle i had would stick well out of my anus to ruin the panties i had to wear for this homework and I hoped Mistress would be pleased with my quick thinking. I made a small plug by carving a large carrot i had in the kitchen.

I inserted my new plug and slipped in to my ex’s panties! The plug felt a little weird but certainly not unpleasant and wearing the panties felt very kinky. homework was looking good!

I spanked my ass 50 times as instructed, 25 times each side and attached a peg to each nipple.

almost immediately my cock sank from being solid erect and straining at the little panties to soft and limp within the lace of the knickers!! This was due to my nipples having pegs on them. While the pain of my nipples started to increase my mind went from turned on to turned off as my niplles are not an erotic area for me but feel more useless and in the way.

trying not to be put off completely I began to suck and deep throat my dildo as Mistress likes to see. I sucked and licked for 10mins as told to do and my dildo was nice and wet but still no movement in the panties.

With the dildo nice and wet i went to insert it in my anus for Mistress. this proved a lot hrder than normal as i was not turned on enough. I forced the dildo in to my anus and started to ride it for Mistress. In and out it travelled pushing at my tight hole which would not losen up and allow me to be slutty for Mistress. after 15mins of riding I withdrew the dildo and my hole was just as when i had started the ride; tight and red and not slutty.

i then began to wank myself for mistress but after 20 mins of trying to excite my cock it was no where near being the engorged clitty Mistress like sto use.

With only 10mins of the peg hour left I used my initiative by looking at some Mistress pictures and waited for the peg hour to be up. once the hour was comoplete and pegs taken from my nipples the pain was rubbed away and forgotten as i could now ensure Mistress had a hrd and swollen clit to have wanked hard.

within a few mins the pictures and my wanking had made my cock in to a very solid and swollen clit which had started to drip huge amounts of clear pre-cum! I kept wanking my clit hard and squeezing my tight balls hard and knew i was now going to cum as mistress had instructed. Wanking and playing my breath became short and i was close to a clit explosion! suddenly i stated gushing and spurting a nearly weeks worth of cum and i had to let it flow in to the sexy little panties which i was now wishing were Mistress’ own panties as that would have made me even more excited!

with my clit now back to a cock and all the cum having been milked out of myself and into the panties i had to wear the now soaking and spunk filled knickers for an hour. this felt very weird and dirty but not an erotic dirty. Cum strted to spill its way out of the panties and all over me as i didnt know whether to stand still or move and do things for the hour!

with a few mins of the hour to go my cum had almost all dried and hardenned on my skin and in the panties. the hour up i quickly took of the panties and hand wahed them with soap and water. it was surprising just how much cum had been shot for Mistress in homework as the amount of load was almost the same as when mistress graces me with her prescence on cam! I put the panties in the dryer and went to was myself and clean up. once the panties were dry i gave them a little press with a cool iron so as not to ruin the lace and they were put away in case Mistress instructs them to be worn again.

My home work complete and I wrote this account but could not help myself thinking of Mistress instructing me to wear her panties!! cock was stiffening again but will wait until mistress uses me again…

painwhore xx

Can’t do your homework? Fine!

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One of My newest slaves;  sissy slut, is currently in enforced chastity. Why? Because he failed to complete all his homework.

Part of it was to drink his own cum out of a condom. But he contacted Me to say “he’d chickened out.” Not an option as far as I’m concerned. Still he was made to do it. And he did, despite complaining of feeling sick afterwards. Is that My problem? I think not!

So, because of his “chickening out”, he has been fined, which he promised to pay last Friday. So far, nada.

Tonight he was made to punish himself on cam for Me. He still has the fine to pay. And will not be touching himself until he does.

Anal slut is a true slut!

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Anal slut is a very dedicated slave!

Scrubbing his cock is one of the many ways I tame him.

And he loves to dress up like a whore!

Very much the little slut!

Painwhore dains to report at last!

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Painwhore has finally completed his homework.  The fact that he had not reported to Me for several days “because he had been away”, was reflected in his tasks. His account of such is below:


I woke up this morning and realised that Mistress had severely punished me.

When i got out of bed my cock and balls were still completely red and still hot from the homework Mistress had set as puinishment for me being away without informing her. I thot something was wrong my cock was so marked!

Homework started gently enough by wrapping an elastic band round my cock and balls tightly so they stuck out away from my body.

Pegs were next on 6 on each stretched ball and one on each nipple and string threaded through the cock pegs.

My tight ass was next fopr attention with 30 spanks, 40 leather belt strokes and 50 (!!!) wooden spoon smacks. My bottom was very hot and the colour of a post box!!!

My balls were then squeezed very hard for 30 seconds and this with pegs securely on was agony! My foreskin was pinched and twisted to make it nip and then my cock was spanked hard 30 times with the wooden spoon…my erection was completely gone with the pain now!

Wax from the lit candle was poured all over my cock and the stinging senions would have been arousing. But my cock was now completely red and felt as if it was on fire. Spanking my waxed cock hard with the spoon removed all the stuck wax with 3 hard spanks.

When i pulled the string to snap the pegs from my balls i doubled over in agony. the pegs had been getting unbearable put the snapping off was so nippy it instantly turned my balls red. by the time i had slapped my balls hard 30 times the redness was there but my balls had retreated up in to my body to ge away from the pain!

toothpaste on my cock and balls increased the heat and redness and i am thankful Mistress had not instructed the rub to be with Tiger balm!!!!

I then began masturbating with the scrubbing pad and did not get very aroused but my cock got mor red and dry. Mistress had instructed me to wank until i came into the saucer and to do this i had to spit on my bright red cock and wanked myself. It took a while to get fully solid but then i started to get turned on because i had done Mistress’ homework. Ispurted my cum on to the saucer and despite the pain was surprised at the amount milked from my cock as it covered the saucer in full.

i was still turned on as like a slut i lapped my cum in to my mouth hungrily with my tongue.

the good feeling of cumming for Mistress was replaced in the morning wen i realised the mess Mistress had made of my cock!

I do hope Mistress now sees i want to be her slut toy to use and allows me to perform for her again soon.

thank you Mistress xxx

Sissy darla’s homework.

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Sissy darla completed her homework again, and apart from a slip up when practising her cock-sucking. She is to receive what every naughty girl receives – a hard spanking to her soft buttocks.

Her account of her homework is below:

my tasks of being Your sissy girl in training have became rather busy each day. my mind has been filled with thoughts of how each training step that You have instructed me to complete is simply making me completely obedient, submissive and loving towards You. Your Dominant control over me accenuates my body more into the feminine behaviour mode as You pleasurably desire of me. i now have a few more girly tasks to perform which just excites my sissy body completely. my fingernails and toenails have been painted a semi-hot pink. my legs now feel much smoother at the knees and towards the bottom of my sissy ass since i began using the wax strips and the hair removal cream. essentially, i have used the wax strips for more of the tough areas like the knees and my chest area. the aroma of my sissy body is now surrounded and covered each day with a raspberry & cream body spray. i love the smell of my pretty panties now that i spray just a touch of the sweet smell inside of them. now i must cross my legs while i sit just like a true girl, which i now realize that i have probably lost the last bit of being a male and having male characteristics. my left leg is primarily the leg that crosses over the right leg, with my ankle and foot dangling in the air most of the time. i feel that i almost need curvier hips and thinner thighs to allow the crossing leg to fully set on top of the knee of the lower leg without any restriction.
to obey You completely, i now have established a daily routine in the evening to attach my nipples clamps, insert my plug, suck and be fucked with my dildo. while my nipple clamps are attached to my perky nipples, i insert my plug into my sissy pussy. i then get on all fours and lower my mouth to my dildo cock which is placed in front of me on the floor.i begin sucking hard and deep, still experiencing the gagging effect. i then feel i have sinus drainage or something like that after about ten minutes.i am not sure why? i know that this is not my first week of dildo sucking, but i am not feeling the technique to keep my mouth ramming up and down the dildo shaft for 30 minutes without any interruption. my excitement of cock sucking turns into humiliation and disappointment not acheiving this for my Lovely Mistress. Mistress, please i kneel at Your feet and must ask You to discipline me for this “incidence of bad behaviour”. i can only complete 20 minutes at most of the 30 minute instructed time.

i must realize that i am to serve and please You always, with whatever commands You instruct of me. i am not here to please myself….. i am here to Obey, Serve and Respect You, my Superior.
once, i have been somewhat revived, i am ready now to remove my plug and insert the saliva wet dildo into my sissy pussy. ohhhh, i must confess that my pussy is much more stretched out and i have no problem fucking my self hard and deep for 30 minutes. i am bent over the edge of my bed and forcing this huge thick cock deep inside my sissy pussy for about 20 minutes. i then move to the position where the cock is vertically upward as it forces its way deep inside where i can feel the balls at the base of the dildo mounting the edge of my sissy ass. i want to scream like a sissy girl…… Mistress, please fuck me, please make me Your feminine sissy with large breasts and the Forever desire to serve You………
i then aim my clitty into the cup placed in front of me and release a thick load of my sweet cum to pour all over my face.

Coming Soon…

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From 20th March, I will be offering voice chats via MSN. So, if you have a microphone, you may want to take advantage of hearing Me give you instructions, rather than reading them.

I can tell you exactly what I want you to do, and if you also have cam, I can make sure that you are carrying them out exactly as I have said. And God help you if you aren’t!

Voice chats will be charged at a rate of £1.50 per min, booked in blocks of time. Payment will be due in advance of your session.

If you wish to know further details or to book, then you may RESPECTFULLY email Me at