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Dirty Panty Perv goes public.

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Dirty Panty Perv has completed two assignments this week.

The first one, if you remember, was to go into his local La Senza store and purchase a nice, lacy pair of panties.

Well, he did this, and as I predicted, the Sales Assistant knew exactly who the panties were for, giving him a very knowing smile. Poor perv-boy couldn’t get out of there fast enough!

So, I thought it was rather fitting to make him go into another shop and purchase a lovely pair of frenchy knickers. Sadly, the ladies there were very professional and didn’t let on what they knew. Not humiliating enough¬† by my standards!

I should also point out that he has been in chastity for 8 days, which is  record in itself, as normally, be can barely last 8 minutes before he has his next wank. So tonight, I made him put on the french knickers, and wank himself into them.

Then came his next assignment! He has been instructed to take a picture of himself wearing the panties, complete with cum stain, and post them on an adult contacts site, complete with a description of himself, and his “activities”, along with pleas for people to humiliate him. Oh I’m going to enjoy this one!

The Dirty Panty Perv gets his just desserts!

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Well, it was only a matter of time and while I didn’t expect it to happen quite so soon, the fact that it has already is absolutely fucking hilarious!

The Dirty Panty Perv has been caught in the act.

He was on the train home from work, staring at the tits of some sexy, young, female executive, when she cottoned on to exactly what he was doing.

She was not at all happy! In fact, she very loudly, in front of all the other passengers said; “I don’t know who the hell you think you are, but I know what you’re up to, you filthy, disgusting pervert!”

He was so embarrassed and intimidated by her that he got off the train at the next station and waited for the later train, once he’d made sure the coast was clear. Such a pathetic little wimp!

It hasn’t deterred him though. As soon as he got home, he was straight upstairs to his bedroo, raiding his used panty suitcase so he could put a pair over his head, while he had his fifth wank of the day – dirty little fucker.

He has received an assignment this week. Normally when he buys a pair of new panties, the chicken-shit buys them online. But this weekend, he’s been instructed to visit his local La Senza store and by some lacy knickers in person. I’m confident the Sales Assistant will clock him for exactly what he is – a fucking dirty panty perv!