• Slave will always address Mistress with respect and in the correct subservient manner. I am Mistress. Nothing else will do.


  • Slave will present himself to Me completely naked, unless he is previously authorised to wear the clothing I have selected for him.


  • Slave will not touch himself  WHATSOEVER without express permission from Mistress.


  • Slave will confess all incidences of misbehaviour and ask to be punished for them.


  • Slave will respect Mistress’ limits as Mistress will respect slave’s limits.


  • Slave will tribute Mistress when ordered to, without question, hesitation or excuse.


  • Slave will endure whatever Mistress sets upon him.


  • Slave will always be completely honest about his desires, fantasies, kinks, fetishes and limits.


  • Slave will carry out Mistress’ instructions to the letter, without question, hesitation or excuse.


  • Slave will display good manners and courtesy at all times.


  • Any slave who is disrespectful, rude, obnoxious or purposely misbehaves out of context in session, will find his session terminated and will not be refunded his session fee.


  • Slave will complete all homework tasks on time and in their entirety.
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