Those who please Mistress, who tribute Mistress well and follow her every instruction to the letter will be rewarded and recognised here.

Where applicable, their photographs will be displayed along with a detailed account of their achievements.


Hubbasuba was asked to write a testimonial and did so very nicely. You can view his entry on my testimonials page. He has offered to send me a picture of him drinking his own come. Mmmmm, I’m giving it my consideration!


Lerler has given me a brilliant write up about our session (see testimonials page), and was completely honest about his feelinngs about the session as a whole. For that, he appears here as a reward for his hard work. Very well done slave!


Queenie has completed her homework correctly and purchased the pretty hair decoration as instructed to. Her pictures will be posted shortly for you all to see. She does look very pretty, but her journey from boy dog to girl dog has only just begun!

22nd Febuary 2010 – Sissy Darla.

Sissy darla has completed her first homework assignment very well. I have very high hopes of her. She has been rewarded with pleasure as well as appearing here. I congratulate her publicly.

24 February 2010 – Slave J

Slave J has successfully completed his first homework assignment in it’s entirety and has performed well. He has been rewarded with masturbation and now finds himself publicly congratulated here.

Sissy darla – 3rd March 2010

Sissy darla has earned her place here for being so attentive as to encourage her nipples to become perky. She has placed nipple clamps on her nipples for 30 minutes per day,  as I have instructed her, and even sent Me a photograph of the end result. Her reward, as well as being mentioned here, is to be allowed to play with her clitty twice this evening.

sissy darla – 26 March 2010

Sissy darla is appearing here for sending Me a birthday gift. It was well received. Such a thoughtful little sissy!

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