9 January 2010

Divine Mistress Cristal,

Queenie is reporting on her last homework.
As you’ve ordered me, I am now wearing my collar and leash at all times when I’m at home. Of course I undress completely before. I try to walk on all fours as often as possible.
All my meals are taken from my dog bowl including breakfast. Each evening I masturbate and ejaculate on my food before eating it up.
Each time I need to urinate, I do it in my litter tray now. I am used to it now and couldn’t imagine doing it otherwise.
On Wednesday I purchased a pair of black Stilletos. Each night I put them on the floor, go on all fours and lick them clean. I get so excited imagining these are your shoes I’m licking.
Please see picture of me licking.


I purchased a pink bow to put into my hair. I was allready so excited in the shop thinking of what I was going to do later with it. I took a picture of myself. I hope you will find me a little bit prettier with a ribbon in my hair.

 I agree fully with you Mistress, I look to much like a boy. Could you please tell me what I should do to look more like a girl and feel more feminine. I would like to identify more with the gender I admire so much. I would like you to feminize me. I hope you understand my desire.

Thank you so much Divine Goddess Cristal for all you do for me and for training me so well.
I adore you, I kneel and kiss your feet.
Your faithful girl dog, Queenie.

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