Sissy darla’s diary.

29 March 2010.



this was a delight to serve You as Your sissy maid. my curtsey to You needs work again in the 5 inch heels. the pics show a few different tries. yes, making sure that my uniform down to my panties are ironed and presented to You in a feminine submissive manner is important as doing Your nails neatly and with a nice bright feminine color. i have attached a pic displaying my task of ironing my red lacy panty. another pic displays me showing my panties on hangers after ironing to be placed into the closet.

I always curtsey for My Mistress.

A very good panty maid.


since i am having trouble getting a full lenght photo that shows some closeup details i have taken a pic of my 5 inch heels. the task of walking in heels and balancing a book is almost a success. i have taken dainty feminine steps with my back arched and my chest out (feeling my fullness of my breasts) back and forth  down the hallway keeping the book balanced most of the 10 minute walk. i had two falls within the six days of practice. i am also attaching two pics of face closeups to display my feminine eyebrow tweezing.

i actually plucked my eyebrows but as the pics show, it seems like they are still too thick. it could be too much eyebrow pencil brown color. one thing is that i have learned my makeup technique on my own reading and glancing at pics of Women in magazines. i have alot to learn about which colors are best for me and what type of makeup to apply for my head shape and size.

Deportment is very important in being an obedient sissy maid.

I always like to make myself look pretty for My Mistress.


You have actually instructed me to play with my clitty and reward myself for sending You a Birthday gift.

well, i decided to perform it while wearing my maid’s uniform and serving You the most feminine and submissive way possible. dressed in my black nylon tight panties, black thigh hi seamed stockings, black lacy garter belt, black bra with my breast forms, black 5 inch heels, the white petticoat and my maid’s dress with the long white serving gloves. my clitty was just waiting to be played with as i pulled it out of my panties. sitting down, i pulled my panties down to allow it to escape. just before releasing my sissy cum, i made sure to pull them up to allow my sweet juices to pour into the panties. i felt so much like a good sissy girl for You as i then immediately took them off and began licking all of my cum down my throat.

mmmm, the sissy feeling of behaving like a good girl for You and enjoying (finally) the taste of sweet thick cum made me feel so sissified.

Mistress knows that I am a slut at heart.

I love the sweet taste of my sissy cum.

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