All sessions are booked in blocks of time and are payable in advance by paypal or amazon gift voucher.

If you wish to book one of these sessions, you may email Me at indicating the type of session you require, how long you require the session to be for, when you would like the session and how you intend to pay.

The minimum book length is ten minutes.

Session Prices

MSN with one way cam **    ———————————£1.00 per min

MSN with voice chat  ——————————————£1.50 per min.

MSN chat only ————————————————–£.80 per min

Email training*** ———————————————£5.00 per assignment.


  • You must book and pay for your session in advance.
  • You will receive only the length of time you have booked.
  • If you are late or fail to attend, your fee will not be refunded.
  • If I have to cancel your session you will receive full refund.
  • Those who are abusive or attempt to discuss subjects beyond My limits or subjects which are illegal will have their session terminated and their fee will not be refunded.

**One way cam means I can see you, but you cannot see Me.

***Email training comprises of homework tasks for you to complete. You will be required to provide a written account of this homework and where possible, photograph evidence.

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