Those who are rude, abusive, obnoxious and ANNOY me will appear here for public humiliation. Details of their crimes and where possible, photos of them will be posted here.

Also, slaves who misbehave will also appear here until they improve and/or rectify their behaviour.

Such misbehaviour will include: failing to report to Mistress, failing to carry out instructions, disrespect, failure to complete homework/assignments on time, rudeness, abusive behaviour, annoying Mistress, and any other behaviour unsuitabe to a lowly slave.



Failure to complete homework. Failure to attend session. Masturbation 3 times without permission. If I have much more from you, worm, you are going into a cock cage for a month!

RIKKI VELVET – Date of crime: 21st July 2009.

This cretin decided to make a purchase in my MUPS store. Unfortunately, he did not pay for his purchase, claiming it was an “accident.” Your story doesn’t wash with me, muppet. When you click buy, you are asked twice if you are sure you want to go ahead with this purchase.

Unluckily for you, you will shortly find yourself banned from MUPS, so you can’t waste mine or anybody elses time, making fake offers. And your dishonest actions have now earned you a place in my HALL OF SHAME. Enjoy your public humiliation and crawl back under the rock from whence you came.

17 March 2010 – Slave Steve

Slave Steve is over two weeks late with his completed homework assignment. Mistress DOES NOT like to be kept waiting. He has been fined £5 for this disobedience. He will remain here and will be fined again with each passing week, until he reports to Me with his completed homework.

22 March 2010  – sissy slut.

Sissy slut has failed to complete his homework, part of it being to

drink his own cum from a condom. He has as he put it “chickened out”.

He is fined £5, and will appear here until he has redeemed himself.

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