You enjoy spending your hard earned cash on me while I taunt and humiliate you. I’ll fuck with your head and you’ll open your wallet for me to empty it!

You know you are unworthy of anything else and the only thing I will ever want from you is your cold hard cash.

Serving Me, paying Me, gives some meaning to your otherwise dull and pointless existence. You yearn to see the joy on my face as your part with the pounds. All you can think about is the effect it has on your limp dick and the smile on my face.

I will take advantage of your generosity. Full advantage. So give in to me and your longing. Email me today and apply to be my wallet worm, cash cow, pay piggy.

I will have full control of your life and your money. You will not settle as you live in permanent arousal and excitement at my unpredictable nature. Who knows what I will do next….

You can donate any amount to my as a gift payment to My paypal address, which is:

Alternatively, you may wish to vist my wishlists and purchase something nice from there.

I enjoy fine wines, lingerie, classy and sexy clothing, expensive cosmetics, perfume, shoes, handbags and fetish clothing. I smoke cigars and only smoke the expensive ones. Perhaps you have a proposal to put to me? Then do so at my email address.

Of course, spoiling your Mistress doesn’t end with giving simple donations.  You can also help to pay my weekly expenses as follows:

Pay Mistress Cristal’s mortgage for 1 week at £150
Pay Mistress Cristal’s Telecoms Bill at £25.00
Finance Mistress Cristal’s Lingerie expenses at £100
Pay Mistress Cristal’s Utilities bill at £50.00

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Moneyslavery Interactive Community

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