Slave robbie

Slave robbie is a newly acquired slave, fresh from femdom society.

Here is his latest homework diary:

monday 26th April 8.41pm i have just recieved my 1st homework assignment from Mistress Cristal thank you Mistress Cristal i have 5 days to complete nd return the homework so i decide i will start now firstly i have to shave all hair for my genitals so i go to the bathroom take the razor and shave it all off next i have to take a shoelace and tie my cock and balls so i tie them seperating my balls from eachother after 5 minutes my balls are very sore but i keep them tied for 10 minutes before i can take no more so i think for now i will stop my homework and continue tomorrow
Tuesday 27th
i am home from work now and i will do another task from my home work i attach 6 clothes pegs to my balls i keep them on for 10 minutes but my balls are really sore from yesterday but i last 10 minutes just and when i remove them it hurt badly
i am still sore so i will not do any homework tonigh
thursday 29th
i am home from work had a bath now to finnish my homework i have everything needed ready i have set the camera up put some plastic sheet on the bed i have some latex inspection gloves and some lube fisrt i squeeze my balls hard for 10 seconds then still squeezing them i twist them right hold for 10 seconds then left for 10 seconds then i pull down hard on my balls and hold for a furthere 10 secconds afterthat i slap the shaft of my cock hard 12 times then i slap my balls hard 12 times now for the bit i am not happy with but i know i must do it i lube up my ass and 2 fingers i finger fuck my ass for 10 minutes now i am finished boy am i sore last task to do is pee in a glass ten drink it so here goes cheers i hope i have done my homework now Mistress Cristal many thanks for giving me this homework i hope i have pleased you thank you again take care

slave robbie

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