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Diary from a new sissy.

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Diary; Tuesday
It is always very exciting to receive my homework from you Mistress and I was eager to complete some of you tasks. First of all were my punishments, I put the pegs on my nipples, surprising, but 30mins was a lot harder than 20 and I was really watching the clock by the end. My nipples feel a little bruised now. I then put my panties on and, pulling them up into my crack to expose my buttocks I first spanked each cheek as instructed, this stung a little, I then got my belt out and whipped them, this was a little more difficult to do, I found it hard to get a good strike, but by the end I could feel a glow from my buttocks. I am not really a pain slut, but if felt good to serve you in this way, to know that my pain might amuse you a little.
I then sat down and went to a porn video site and, as instructed, typed in ‘large cocks’, watching all these large cocks fuck women did make me feel like a sissy, partly through the very act of looking for large cock porn and partly from realising that it was not surprising that I have never really been able to satisfy girlfriends through penetrative sex, my cock is so small compare to these men who make women gasp. At four and half inches I am about half of those size of these guys, if that.
I had to do the nursery rhyme punishment once, but that was enough to dissuade me from erotic thoughts.
I allowed myself my only orgasm tonight as I was overwhelmed with my training and it was good to release the tension that has been building up since Thursday.
I decided to watch the porn tonight whilst carrying out my anal and oral treatment, this was the oddest of experiences, watching large cocks whilst tasting the condom in my mouth or finding myself thrusting in time with the videos. I also became aware of how many guys I would satisfy in this time, the average man taking just four minutes to reach orgasm, by the end of 20mins oral and 20min anal I could have satisfied eight men!. I was running low of clips I could find, so I decided to watch some of men fucking sissies, their was one video in particular I found myself watching a couple of times, in which, when the sissy was giving a large man oral satisfaction, his Mistress was carrying out CBT on his own manhood, this juxtaposition between giving pleasure whilst receiving pain seemed like the ultimate emasculation. Time to sing some nursery rhymes.
I was very tired last night so did not manage to write my diary, I just managed my bare minimum training before dropping off to sleep whilst watching my compulsory porn quoter.
Friday, well like last Friday I have arisen early as I have a full day, then tonight I will be staying at friends. I have watched some porn, as instructed, over breakfast, worn my pegs whilst showering and that is the end of this weeks sissy training.
I will try to get online tomorrow morning before I drive to devon to post this email and pay my tribute.
Thank you so much for being a firm but fair Mistress, I look forward to my light training next week, but secretly I am looking forward to making it up to you the week after with some harder training. You have introduced me to some new sensations and new pains / pleasures, for which I thank you.

Slave robbie

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Slave robbie is a newly acquired slave, fresh from femdom society.

Here is his latest homework diary:

monday 26th April 8.41pm i have just recieved my 1st homework assignment from Mistress Cristal thank you Mistress Cristal i have 5 days to complete nd return the homework so i decide i will start now firstly i have to shave all hair for my genitals so i go to the bathroom take the razor and shave it all off next i have to take a shoelace and tie my cock and balls so i tie them seperating my balls from eachother after 5 minutes my balls are very sore but i keep them tied for 10 minutes before i can take no more so i think for now i will stop my homework and continue tomorrow
Tuesday 27th
i am home from work now and i will do another task from my home work i attach 6 clothes pegs to my balls i keep them on for 10 minutes but my balls are really sore from yesterday but i last 10 minutes just and when i remove them it hurt badly
i am still sore so i will not do any homework tonigh
thursday 29th
i am home from work had a bath now to finnish my homework i have everything needed ready i have set the camera up put some plastic sheet on the bed i have some latex inspection gloves and some lube fisrt i squeeze my balls hard for 10 seconds then still squeezing them i twist them right hold for 10 seconds then left for 10 seconds then i pull down hard on my balls and hold for a furthere 10 secconds afterthat i slap the shaft of my cock hard 12 times then i slap my balls hard 12 times now for the bit i am not happy with but i know i must do it i lube up my ass and 2 fingers i finger fuck my ass for 10 minutes now i am finished boy am i sore last task to do is pee in a glass ten drink it so here goes cheers i hope i have done my homework now Mistress Cristal many thanks for giving me this homework i hope i have pleased you thank you again take care

slave robbie