A Foot Fantasy.

You enter the room and see me sat on my throne. You don’t notice the clothes I wear, the props. Just my presence, my power, my dominance. You strip without being told, get to your knees and press your lips against the cool, shiny leather of my boots. My hand reaches for you. Soft, leather-clad fingers wind themselves into your hair. Pressure pushes your head against my boots. You breathe in the scent, the aroma, the leather. You crave, you desire, you need. You know what I want do you slave? Those boots are an extension of me. You want to worship them as you worship me. You continue to kiss, your lips exploring the soft contours of the boot and you barely notice the collar being buckled around your neck. Your tongue comes into play, wet, warm and wanting. You taste the leather, your tongue tingling and your cock twitching with desire. The leash clips to your collar, and yet you don’t look up. There are no words, just a tug of the leash, pulling you towards the spiky, threatening yet captivating heel. The boot moves, it raises and your tongue is pressed to the cap of the heel. It explores, sliding and snaking it’s way up and down, tasting, cleansing, adoring. You hear the metallic rasp of the zip sliding down the black, shiny leather, the teeth opening like a ray of erotic promise. You watch, as that sweet, stockinged foot is removed from the boot, and the toes pushed to your nose. Ah, heaven! The smell of my foot fills your senses and your tongue slips between each perfectly pedicured nylon toe. I flex my toes, signalling my instruction. I want you to suck. Suck my toes. Suck them into that warm mouth. Soothe and calm my aching feet with the luxurious feel of your lips and tongue. Your lips close around them, and gentle sucking starts. I push my foot further into your mouth, and you continue with the constant mix of licking and sucking. My nylon stocking clings to my foot, soaked in your saliva, as I unzip my other boot and pull my foot out of it. The stockinged foot finds its way to those aching balls. I tease, drumming my toes on your sack, my big toe gently caressing the shaft of your cock. You twitch. You need that release but daren’t ask. You know what such a question would result in. “Remove my stockings, Slave,” I command, and you set yourself to your task, rolling each stocking slowly down my shapely legs. My feet find your cock, it’s wanting need pulsating throughout that throbbing shaft. The arches curve around your meat and I start to wank. My fingers continue to weave their way through your hair and with my left hand I tug on the leash, pulling your head down, forcing you to watch as I foot wank your prick. You feel my soft feet firmly grip your cock as your climax builds deep within your body. Red painted toenails against pink cock-flesh, teasing, demanding, urging your cock to spew. You know what I want. You want it too. I know you want it too, as you moan and gyrate, fucking my feet, desperate for that release. And it comes in a brilliant and devastating explosion as your cream is spilled on my feet. Red nail polish tarnished with milky white spunk. I have achieved my goal, but I am not satisfied. “Lick it up slave,” I say with a cold laugh, “we have only just begun…..”



One Response to “A Foot Fantasy.”

  1. absolutely fantastic Ma’am. if i may make a suggestion, perhaps the lucky slave can do all these while he is in a chastity device, such as cb3000. in that case, he would probably be reduced to tears in less than half an hour, after such a treatment! hats off to You for the fantastic story Ma’am!

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